Beonprice and Juyo Analytics Announce an Exciting New Partnership _ Hotel Technology

The two tech companies join forces to combine the strategic vision of Juyo with the operational vision of Beonprice within one integrated solution.
The new reporting feature gives Beonprice’s customers access to easy, agile and personalized data visualization that allows hotels to better identify opportunities in their data and adapt strategies.

Beonprice, the global leader of revenue optimization based on artificial intelligence to maximise hotel revenues, has signed a strategic agreement with Juyo Analytics, the most advanced hotel analytics and data visualization platform in the market, to provide its customers with a more strategic view of their business.

This alliance makes it possible to offer an integrated solution to Hotels that drives better results to hotel customers through the possibility of exploring and cross referencing hotel data, visualizing key performance indicators, and identifying market trends to build and adapt strategies ahead of time.

Juyo Analytics - Revenue Management Alliance Member

Juyo Analytics is a data visualization platform designed for hoteliers by hoteliers, that provides easy to use and understandable dashboards and analytics, with the agility to compare historical and future looking data.

In the words of Vassilis Syropoulos, founder and CEO at Juyo Analytics, we lack cooperation amongst tech companies in hospitality:

When Emilio reached out to talk about the possibilities of working together it was a no-brainer. Combine the best of two worlds, add more combined value to hotels especially in these difficult times and hopefully set the example for more cooperation in hospitality tech.

With this new partnership, Beonprice will be able to provide their customers with an advanced reporting functionality, with 365 days performance, budget and forecast data. They will be able to analyse at segment, sales channel, room type and room plan, levels, as well strategise by nationality, MLOS and lead time.

Beonprice and Juyo Analytics Announce an Exciting New Partnership _ Hotel Technology

The objective of this strategic alliance is not only the technical integration between both technological solutions, but also to take advantage of joint actions and technology development that add more value to their clients.

Emilio Galán, co-founder and CTO at Beonprice, highlights the opportunity that joining forces between the two companies provides for customers to have a more complete view of the business:

Beonprice and Juyo working together will allow hotel companies to drive more profit, as they combine the strategic vision of data analysis, with the operative vision of forecasting, and revenue management automation such as making and sending price and inventory recommendations. 

About Beonprice

Beonprice’s RMS technology is based on the HQI™ (Hotel Quality Index) as a disruptive element in its artificial intelligence technology to simulate the behaviour of each person, taking into account the price and quality of the property and the competitive set mainly in the recommendations to maximise the RevPAR of the hotel chain.

Founded in 2012, Beonprice works with over 2,000 properties in more than 30 countries, including international hotel brands such as Catalonia, Hotelatelier, Iberostar, RIU, Labranda Hotels & Resorts, HM Resorts, Park Royal, Dreamplace, Hospes and Room Mate, among others.

About Juyo Analytics

Juyo is the hotel analytics and data visualization platform that empowers hotel commercial teams to drive the most profitable business.

Founded by hoteliers in 2015 Juyo Analytics works with leading hotel companies by providing them with analytics that connect the dots. Juyo has pioneered analytics that focus on distribution cost, net revenue and total revenue profit optimization.

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