“The Hospitality World Needs Well-Integrated Technologies, Where Each Player Thinks Alike, Both Technically and Business-Wise!” - an interview with Jan Hejny Founder & CEO of HotelTime Solutions
Founded in 2002, as being one of the very first cloud-based PMS’s, Jan Hejny has built the HotelTime team over the years and has actively led the company to its position today. It is with no doubt why HotelTime joined The Revenue Management Alliance, as a Tech Partner, as they offer cloud-based systems that are ‘open platform’, able to integrate with third-party offerings that are not only available now, but also with an eye to new technologies likely to shape the future of hotel operations and distribution channels.

More on why it is important for hotels to embrace tools like on-line check-in or revenue management systems/RMS, why did HotelTime chose the Revenue Management Alliance, and how did they overcome their biggest challenge as a company, we find out from Jan Hejny, Founder & CEO of HotelTime Solutions in the interview below.

What is the mission statement and the values of your company?

Since 2002, when HotelTime was established, our vision has been to become a leading supplier of quality, modern, and complex online software solutions with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service within the hospitality industry. Our mission is the creation of long-term quality relations with our clients. We look forward to offering you a tailored solution to meet your business requirements backed up by an exceptional level of personal customer support.

What are the services your company provides?

HotelTime offers state-of-the-art, cloud-based solutions to the hospitality industry with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Our cloud-based systems are currently running in more than 500 hotels and restaurants in 11 countries worldwide.

What type of clients does your company work for?

Our typical clients are mid/large-size independent hotels, 3, 4, and 5 stars, but we work with apartments and small-size boutique hotels as well. We have many installations for independent groups and chains of hotels as well.

Why did you choose the RMA Alliance?

I was looking for revenue manager partners to integrate to and I ended up talking to Adriaan Kleingeld. I liked his approach to business and revenue management. So, I had the chance to talk to his team and his global partners and I found a group of people who think very similar to us. We liked each other solutions a lot and we’re even integrating our systems lately, actually going live as I answer these questions. That is why I choose RMA (the Revenue Management Alliance): because I believe the world needs well-integrated technologies, where each player thinks alike, both technically and business-wise.

Which is the most successful project of your company so far?

I’d say the Valachy Resort project. We had to a lot of bespoke changes at multiple levels: accounting systems, BI reporting, access-level systems. We had to overcome all the typical obstacles that you can find in resorts. Some examples? Managing thousands of day-use visitors to the SPA, or harmonizing all the F&B outlets in five different properties. We had to make sure that guests can easily move across a complex environment that, nonetheless, operates as a seamless resort.

What was the biggest challenge for your company and how did you handle it?

I’d say making the system adaptable for any market. Every market has different integration partners, legal requirements, tax structures, custom models, etc. so the challenge is creating software that is suitable for every market. It’s all about global innovation and local problem-solving. That’s why we’re glad to be partners with the Revenue Management Alliance, as their platform can work globally, but with a local touch.

How do you differentiate from your competitors? What makes your company’s services unique?

We have a broad range of products and modules. We don’t only offer a PMS: we support F&Bs, SPA outlets, events and conferences, etc. And they are all in-built features, not third-parties. Most PMS do not offer this. In a resort environment, or in a larger hotel, it is crucial to have all these systems from a single supplier, to make sure everything works well. And, of course, we’re fully cloud-based. I would add the level of customer service we offer. For example, we do on-site implementations instead of using video tutorials, and that makes all the difference in the world for the end-customer.

How has the Covid Pandemic affected your business?

It gave us time to rethink a lot of things and come up with some great innovations of products, ranging from on-line check-in features, QR menus for F&B outlets, and integrations of a lot of new kiosk partners. Generally, we had more time to sit down and think about our products and innovation, instead of going full-speed as we did before Covid.

Why is now such a good time to invest in technology?

It’s the best I’ve ever seen in my career, and for multiple reasons. The first is practical: it’s much easier to change tech when the hotel occupancy is lower. It affects fewer guests (if any), and the team has more time to embrace the new platforms. Therefore, embracing tools like on-line check-in or revenue management systems / RMS is becoming an essential element. Without these tools, hotels will lose opportunities during the recovery phase.

What are the benefits the RMA brings to its members?

The biggest advantage is to be able to connect with various companies and people working in hospitality, or with revenue management consultants. The Revenue Management Alliance is an alliance of people who wants to help hoteliers, and we’re glad to connect with like-minded people.


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