“Networking and Alliances Are Key To Growing a Better Business Offering for the Customers” – An Interview With Per-Anders “Perra” Pettersson, Owner and Co-Founder of Benchmarking | Alliance.

Find out more in this interview, directly from Per-Anders “Perra” Pettersson, Owner and Co-Founder of Benchmarking | Alliance, about their most successful project, how they cope with challenges (including the Covid Pandemic) and what are the benefits the Revenue Management Alliance brings to their members.
What is the mission statement and the values of your company?

Benchmarking Alliance  is the leading provider of hotel, conference, F&B and spa benchmarking as well as hospitality market data for the Nordic hospitality industry.

What are the services your company provides?

BA provides daily benchmarking in a proprietary online platform with data easily accessible for further analysis including the most important KPIs for the hospitality industry (eg RevPAR, TRevPAR, ADR, occupancy, bed occupancy, average guest check in restaurant, and on the books benchmarking)

What type of clients does your company work for?

We work with most global hotel chains, local hotel chains and independent hotels. Currently, BA has approx. 2,000 clients reporting daily data.

Why did you choose the RMA Alliance?

Networking and alliances are key to growing a better business offering for the customers. It is also important to stay on top of the development in the industry.

Which is the most successful project of your company so far?

A major project that has been BAs focus for several years is to get destination bureaus, hotel investors, hotel consultants, and media to use BAs venue generated data with an aim to get all industry participants to understand each other better and view the same trends at the same time.

What was the biggest challenge for your company and how did you overcome it?

When established, BA managed to convince the Nordic and Baltic markets with stamina, well formulated arguments and sensitivity to customer needs that BA – in fierce competition with existing service providers – could provide a better service offering, more accurate benchmarking data and a constructive customer dialogue to find new and innovative areas where data helped customers create value.

How do you differentiate from your competitors? What makes your company’s services unique?

BA has superior support and a more adaptive approach to customer needs. BAs online platform is very easy to use, navigate in and is connected to various partners’ data. Last and least, data accuracy is key, and BA has established significant trust in that area among clients.

How has the Covid Pandemic affected your business?

Regardless of a pandemic or more normal, high demand business, hotels and analysts need data to make strategic decisions daily. If you don’t know your position in the market it is difficult to take market shares. BA has adapted to the customers’ reality and current needs, which has been necessary since we all sit in the same boat to get through this pandemic.

Why is now such a good time to invest in technology?

Cutting edge technology is key to build efficient businesses and to get the most out of operations in terms of revenue and profit. This is especially evident now in the wake of the pandemic when staff resources have been depleted. The hospitality industry has made great progress during the last couple of years, but there is still a lot to develop and improve.

What are the benefits the RMA brings to its members?

It is a group of people and companies with top edge experience that are willing to share knowledge and experiences with likeminded. Networking is key to success.

About the Benchmarking | Alliance

Benchmarking | Alliance is the leading provider of hotel, conference, F&B and spa benchmarking and are a Tech Member of The Revenue Management Alliance. When you need to know your market environment, Benchmarking | Alliance provides accurate competitor benchmarks for the hospitality industry (Hotel, Conference, Restaurant, Resorts and more).

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